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Vision& Mission

Our institution is committed to maintain ethos and values which give us the strength to stride in the path of success. Education and empowerment of young women helps for their transformation into responsible citizens. Our vision and mission also reflect the same.


To empower young women not only intellectually enlightened but also emotionally balanced and socially committed who can stride towards excellence.


  • To impart value based education
  • To bring out the inherent skills in the students which lead to their self development as well as the development of the society.
  • To strengthen the girl students morally and potentially towards perfection.


The culture of an institution is a shared system of values, beliefs and attitudes that shapes and enhances behavior. The culture is determined through the organization from top to bottom and we must live our values to continuously improve. We define our culture broadly by six operating Core values that guide us.

  1. Student Focus
  2. The primary focus is not only to educate the students but to inspire them to become innovative and contribute to the society.
  3. Strengthen Faculty and Staff
  4. The faculty inspires us and directs all we do academically. The staff delivers the administrative services and partner with the faculty. Newer inputs have to be added continuously to the capabilities of people.
  5. Foster Leadership and ethical decision making
  6. Leadership and ethical decision making are essential for the growth of the organization and individual.
  7. Committed to accountability and excellence
  8. If we are to remain relevant and attract the best of the students and faculty the culture of excellence shall pervade the whole institution both in academic and administrative areas.
  9. Focus on Resource Management
  10. The financial well-being of an institution is critical for its success. We embrace responsibility-centered Management for improving our financial strength.
  11. Heighten Reputation
  12. All the units of the institution will gain in many ways through reputation and it is everyone’s Endeavor to add to the reputation. While our strategy for action may not directly reflect our core principles, they invariably go into our basic planning & development processes.